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Flash Pins - Themed 5 Pack

$10.00 - $15.00
  • Flash Pins - Themed 5 Pack

Looking for something cool, shiny, and colorful to put on that mini backpack you bought at Urban Outfitters last summer? Well, do I have the pieces for you!

Introducing Flash Pins: all the magic of cool pins to put on your backpack, jacket, necktie, shirt collar, or really anywhere you can imagine stabbing with a safety pin! Each pin is hand-painted and dipped in resin. Each piece is special. There’s no way to know exactly which pins you’ll get, but that’s the magic of Flash Pins! Let the Gods of Arts and Crafts bless you with the sickest adornments you could ever imagine!

Themed Packs are still random in nature, but every pin matches thematically. Here’s a little about the themes:
1. Space Case - Planets, moons, stars, and sky stuff.
2. Botanical - Flowers and shrooms! Simple as that.
3. Groovy Crew - Retro disco vibes!
4. Rainbows & Patterns - Just colors, polka dots, plaid, and the like!
5. Seconds - Pins that aren’t the prettiest but are still looking for a good home! Each pin has moderately noticeable imperfections, so they will be $10 instead of $15.

Here’s some things to remember:
1. Resin yellows in direct sunlight. Keep the pins in a shady place whenever possible!
2. Every single pin has been made with my own two hands. Expect imperfections!
3. Please be careful! Don’t stab yourself!!!