Holographic Sticker Pack

  • Holographic Sticker Pack
  • Holographic Sticker Pack

Four stickers, all 3"-4" tall, all either "glitter" holographic or simple holographic. Comes in a mesh bag.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: For each ordered, you get one (1) pack of four (4) holographic/glitter stickers. The stickers come in a purple or pink mesh bag (no way to control color) accompanied by a pink square card printed with strawberries that read "Cuvo Tattoos."
For each pack, you get one of each of the following designs: a holographic pink window frame filled with blue sky and white clouds, with shutters and a flower box filled with purple tulips; a holographic trio of strawberries all with windows and doors, surrounded by flowers; a glitter jam jar with a plaid fabric lid with ribbon and a label with peaches and flowers; and a glitter pink chair with a heart-shaped, embroidered back and a teal pillow. All four stickers say "@cuvo.tattoos" at the bottom.