Mermaid Furniture Print


This print brings the magic of mermaid-themed decor home, without having to find the lost city of Atlantis. Hand trimmed, 8.5"x10.25," signed and numbered. Limited to an edition of 15 prints.

[Image description]: A series of furniture sit on a purple, sparkly background. There's a record player with a conch shell speaker, a seashell lamp with dangling pearl details, a tabletop clock with wave details, a seashell-shaped mirror and vanity with matching starfish-shaped stool, two framed sea creatures — a fish in an oval frame and a seahorse in an elaborate wooden frame with gold shell details and a navy blue matt, a snail shell vase holding blue flowers, a tray made of a giant clamshell that holds candles and books, a seashell switch-plate, and finally there is an archway that leads to a bed with blankets covered in water pattern, pillows shaped like a sand dollar, sea urchin, and starfish, and lit by hanging, pastel-colored jellyfish, fish, and bubble lights.