The Fruity Fair Print Pack


The Fruity Fair Pack includes the Fruity Fairgrounds and Fair Foods prints. Both are hand-trimmed, signed, and numbered.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Each pack ordered comes with one (1) Fruity Fair Foods print and one (1) Fruity Fairgrounds print.
The Fruity Fair Food consists of a green background with a pink striped awning edge along the top. There are foods scattered all over the green surface. There's (clockwise from top left) cotton candy in paper cones decorated like peaches, paper cups decorated with a lemon print and lemon-shaped bendy straws, pink and white striped cups with striped straws holding whipped cream decorated with syrup and strawberry slices, candy apples on sticks with various toppings, a soft pretzel shaped like cherries with a pink striped tissue and two pink dipping sauce cups, blue striped popcorn containers with two empty and one full of popcorn covered in blueberries and syrup, an orange napkin with a funnel cake decorated like an orange slice with a stem and leaf, and finally a cardboard container decorated with yellow bananas filled with fried Oreos covered in cream and chocolate drizzle with a piece of chocolate covered banana on a stick.
Th Fruity Fairgrounds print is a Ferris wheel surrounded by fruit trees and bushes. Each car on the Ferris wheel is a fruit - apple, orange, peach, lemon, and pear. There's a set of chairs and a table in front with a stone path. Behind there's a blue sky and clouds.

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